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1. General

The ski passes are non-transferable and must be presented upon request of the control personnel.

Subsequent exchange as well as extension or postponement of the period of validity are not possible.

The individual services to which ski passes entitle the holder are provided by legally independent companies.

The company selling the ski pass acts for the other companies only as their representative.

The contracting party is only the mountain railway company whose facilities and slopes are used by the ski pass holder.

The other mountain railway companies of the Silvretta Arena are not liable.

Therefore, only the respective company is obligated to provide the individual services and to compensate for damages in the event of any incidents.

For example, the ski area on the Swiss or Austrian side is operated by different companies.

Our ski passes are basically subject to the access control system “Photocompare”.

This means that at the turnstiles of the feeder lifts, a photo of the ski pass holder is taken on a case-by-case basis, which is then compared with pictures taken when passing through the technically equipped turnstiles in the ski area.

The corresponding pictures are stored in encrypted form and deleted after expiry of the validity period of the ski pass.

With the purchase of a ski pass, you give your consent to data processing in the sense described.

It is also possible to purchase ski passes valid for one day, which are technically configured in such a way that when passing through the turnstiles, no photographs are taken when passing through the turnstiles (these ski passes are also randomly checked by our lift personnel).

We ask for your understanding that our cashier staff may issue discounted ski passes only upon presentation of the appropriate documents (guest card, photo ID …).

All ski passes from 2 days are issued on KeyCards against a deposit of 5 euros.

Return options for undamaged KeyCards and refund of the deposit at the cable car ticket offices, the Samnaun Guest Info and at hotels and apartments on a voluntary basis .

Please pay attention where your ski pass is valid or should be valid when buying! Should you travel with your ski pass to an area not connected to this (even if there is no difference in price), the ticket is invalid and will not be refunded.

Apart from that the conditions of carriage issued for the individual railways/lifts apply.

2. Important information about our tariffs

Our tariffs are based on the prices of the Silvrettaseilbahn AG, Ischgl in Euro (consistent price in the ski area).

Euro tariffs are converted at the exchange rate published by Bergbahnen Samnaun AG at the ticket office and on the homepage and may be adjusted during the season.

Exchange rate differences will not be refunded!

3. Accepted means of payment

Cash (CHF and Euro), Reka-Checks, credit cards (Europay, Visa), Reka-Card.

4. Force majeure and natural events

No refund or price reduction in case of partial opening, early departure or shutdown of facilities or slope closures due to events beyond the control of the company (weather, wind, avalanche danger, natural events, officially ordered closure of operations, etc.).

5. Refund

If the mountain railway company fails to provide its services in connection with the sale of tickets or the use of facilities, or fails to provide them in part, permanently or only temporarily, the customer shall have no claims whatsoever (in particular, no claims for reimbursement or damages against the mountain railway company).

This applies in particular to interruptions or suspensions of operations or slope and path closures in the following cases:

  • random events
  • force majeure such as wind and weather influences, avalanche danger, strikes
  • official orders or restrictions (including those resulting from power shortages)
  • voluntary restrictions due to special circumstances (among other things as a result of the authorities appeals for savings due to power shortages
  • pandemic or epedemic


refund in case of ski accident

In the event of a skiing accident, the purchase price of ski passes valid for at least two days may be refunded on a pro rata basis.

The refund will be made only in case of a skiing accident, only to the injured person, and requires the return of the ski pass and the presentation of the purchase receipt and the doctor’s certificate (from the valley doctor).

It is made only if the ski pass has not been used after the accident and is limited to the days following the day of the accident.

A refund for the ski passes of persons accompanying an injured person is not possible.

No refunds are possible after the end of the season.

Refunds are made exclusively by bank transfer to the bank account after verification of any outstanding invoices from piste rescue and ambulance services.

6. Replacement for lost and damaged ski passes

For lost or damaged ski passes with a validity period of at least three days, a new ski pass can be issued for a processing fee of 11 Euro (plus deposit of 5 Euro).

The reissue requires the presentation of the blocking slip and an official photo ID.

If the ski pass has already been used on the day the loss was reported, the validity of the newly issued ski pass is limited to the days following that day.

Defective ski passes (without visible external damage) can be renewed only upon presentation of the purchase receipt.

7. Forgotten ski pass

In case of a forgotten ski pass, a grace period of 1 day applies.

In this case, a day ticket must be purchased at the normal rate, which will be refunded for a handling fee of 11 euros, provided that the forgotten ski pass is unused on the date in question.

The refund can be made only by the selling company.

8. Limitation of ticket issue

The company reserves the right to limit the issuance of all or individual tickets in case of low snow conditions or imminent overcrowding of ski slopes.

The company reserves the right to change prices, even on a daily basis, especially for events.

9. Transportation of children with chairlifts

Children under 1.10 m tall: transport only on the lap of an adult.

Children between 1,10 m and 1,25 m tall: Transportation by chairlift only when accompanied (side seat) by an adult.

10. Transportation of paraglider, skibob

and other bulky sports equipment on chairlifts is prohibited.

The transport of hang gliders is not possible.

Take-offs, landings and overflights (on and in the area of open ski slopes and cable cars) are not allowed.


11. Transport of dogs

with bite basket and leash is possible in the Twinliner, on the Silvretta, Fimba and Pardatschgratbahn.

The transport of dogs on chairlifts is prohibited.

Free running dogs on slopes are prohibited.

12. Ticket misuse does not pay off!

Unauthorized ski passes given to third parties as well as ski passes reported lost are blocked at the card readers.

Ticket inspections are carried out regularly in our ski resort.

Whoever is found in the skiing area without a valid ski pass has to reckon with considerable financial consequences (additional purchase of ski pass, fine in the amount of double the ticket price) as well as with criminal charges!

13. Operating hours, closing of the slopes

Twinliner Cable Car L1/L2: first ascent at 8.15 a.m., last ascent at 4.00 p.m., last descent at 5.00 p.m.
Skilift facilities in the ski area: 9.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.
Alp Trider Sattelbahn (N6): 8.30 a.m. – 4.30 a.m. Subject to change.

Please note the closing times of the lifts and cable cars.

After closing time Samnaun and Ischgl are only accessible by road (bus, cab …).

With weather-related plant closures and limited ski operation is to be expected especially at the marginal times of the winter season.

The use of the entire slopes of the ski area after the end of the operating times is life-threatening and therefore strictly forbidden.

During this time, avalanche blasting and slope preparation (sometimes with winch ropes invisible to the skier) take place regularly and there are no more control runs by the rescue service.

14. Ski touring

Ski touring is forbidden on the slopes outside the operating hours (5.00 p.m. to 9.00 a.m.).

15. It is also your nature!

For reasons of nature conservation, a descent over the north ridge of Piz Val Gronda (in the direction of support 2) is forbidden due to the rare plants found there.

16. Data protection

Legal information about the protection of your personal data can be found at:

17. Parking lots

For skiers, the parking spaces at the valley station are free of charge (parking is only allowed from 7.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.).

Parking of campers or caravans is forbidden in the cable car parking area.

18. Ski buses

The use of the ski buses within Samnaun is free of charge.

The ski bus to Pfunds/Spiss is free of charge only with a valid ski pass.

All ski passes entitle to free use on the Busses from Landeck to – See – Kappl – Ischgl – Galtür.

Limited bus transfer at the beginning and end of the season.

19. Piste & rescue service

Phone +41(0)81 861 86 51

Attention: Only the marked and open ski slopes are monitored!

Rescue costs are not included in the ski pass tariff (contribution towards expenses CHF 250,- + possible ambulance and medical costs).

Reporting points: SOS station (in the building of the mountain station L2), cable cars, ski lifts and restaurants.

Please indicate the number of the descent.

20. Reductions


Reduction for children: for all under 17 years (cut-off date = date of birth)
With guest card of Samnaun or Spiss: under 10 years free when accompanied by a parent
Without guest card of Samnaun or Spiss: under 8 years free when accompanied by a parent

Senior discount (cut-off date = date of birth):
frog the age of 65
from the age of 80 the children`s tariff applies

Disability reduction: from a documentet degree of disability of 70% (children`s rate)

ATTENTION: Presentation of an official photo ID is required for any type of discount.

Groups: Regulation 20 + 1
Groups receive one ski pass with the same entitlement free of charge when purchasing 20 ski passes of the same person category and ticket validity together by a tour guide/bus driver.
Youth and school groups receive the children`s rate up to the age of 19.
In addition, the bus driver receives a free pedestrian ticket (street clothes) or a free ski pass (purchase only in ski equipment) upon presentation of his ticket.

21. Tariff regulations

The prices listed in the lift information are based on a calculation as of May 2023.

In fact, however, the further development of the factors relevant to this calculation (e.g. energy costs, inflation, etc.) cannot be estimated at the present time.

Therefore, it may be necessary to recalculate the prices in case of corresponding developments.

We must therefore reserve the right to adjust the prices at a later date, of course in any case before the purchase of a ski pass.

In any case, the price announced at this (later) time must be paid.



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